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Sunday, December 30, 2007

End of Year Clearances

'Tis the time of the year to take advantage of the sales that many different kinds of businesses offer.

As a knitter- my favorite end of the year sale is at the local yarn stores. Here in Dallas, we have had several stores with great sales this week - The Shabby Sheep on Boxing Day, PassionKnit all week long and even the Knitting Nook over in North Richland Hills on Monday. Of course with this boot on, I've not been able to take advantage of any of those.

However, the granddaddy of them all is at the Woolie Ewe - last Saturday of December - the sale of all sales! This year, they opened at 5 AM ! Thankfully, I have a friend who is as crazy as I am - so we got there at 3:15 am. We weren't first in line - Missy was. (But she's a crazy college student who can still camp out overnight without worry.) But, we were second and third.

I took my Christmas cash that had been given specifically for the sale - and my debit card (which was cringing at the thought of such a sale) and we hit the door at 5 AM along with a throng of other people.

And when I say "throng" - I mean crazyknittingpeoplewhowouldgetupandshopforyarnat5AM.

That store was PACKED. But, as usual, Jill and Sue had the Ewe running like a top and while we did have to wait in line, it was fairly swift moving.

Best of all - I came out with some change - a whole $3.97 - and the debit card gave a sigh of relief!

After the sale and breakfast with the other crazy knitters, I came home and tried to sleep...only to wake up every few minutes having dreamt about either this one yarn I didn't buy (Ella Rae Palermo) or being pushed around stacks of yarn. I guess it was PTYSD (Post Traumatic Yarn Sale Disorder). I thought of going back for the Palermo, but decided that I didn't really need it and was good.

And then - after an annual end of year luncheon with some friends - Alek and I did something we seldom do - we went shopping together.

See what we came home with??

She makes me smile...

...I can't decide whether it's 'cause she is so pretty - or 'cause she means that the POS Cruiser is now out of our lives and no longer draining our wallet. (I've been told it's not enough that the ads show it big enough to fit an alpaca in the backseat - and that I needed to read the fine print that the alpaca was sold separately.)

I have to say, this was the most pleasant car-buying experience EVER. (I didn't know it was possible to type "pleasant" and "car-buying experience" in the same sentence without an "un" thrown in there somewhere!)

If you are ever going to buy a Honda - big or small - I highly recommend Robert Kurlan (sp?) at Honda Cars of McKinney. I never felt pressured to buy something - when we walked away back in September, I had told him he could call me to see if we had changed our minds and he didn't abuse it - just would call when I had told him that it was ok to check back with us after "X date" and then call back when I told him it'd be a little bit later in the year before we were ready to deal. It was so nice to deal with someone who wasn't overbearing and loud - didn't try to rope us in with feel good stories and loads of crap - just patient and knowledgeable about his product. I wasn't buying the top of the line car - in fact, their smallest model - but you would never know it from the way he treated us. I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat...and recommend him to anyone.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thanks & Bones & Resolutions!

Consider this one huge bowl of Catch-up.

First of all - I need to send a BIG Ol' THANK YOU! to Frances for my Coffee Swap 3 gift! I sent proper thanks to her already - long long ago - but really need to do it publicly. I kept waiting for my camera's battery charger to reappear so I could get a "better than the cell phone" pic...but since the charger is still in hiding, I'm going to have to just use this horrible picture to show what I assure you was one of the best packages EVER!

What is hard to see there is two lovely skeins of SWTC Bamboo in the Esquire colorway and a big ol' skein of the Socka Colori Disco in a blingy light blue. Love them! There was also some cute napkins and adorable coasters not to mention some chocolate (yum) and some Authentic NJ Saltwater Taffy (some of my absolute favorite candy!). And then, Frances also makes these lovely soaps - and I got several of them. Y'all figure out how to buy them from her - 'cause they smell incredible - and there's this one bar called "Kitchen Magic," that does just take all the smells from your hands from like garlic or onion chopping.

As far as the coffee goes - which my Alek says is the reason he can get behind this swapping business - she sent a really dark rich coffee called "Twin Lights Fog Buster Blend" from Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters which definitely has a bite to it - but it's a good bite. Will definitely wake you up! But the other is my favorite - from Asbury Park Roastery - City Roast Bolivia. It's a perfect blend for the two of us - we love it and may have to figure out how to import some more to Texas! HA!

But, the best part of the package was the mug - The coolest coffee mug ever! I loved it all, Frances!! You are definitely a great swap partner!

In November, I got to trek down to Austin and the Hill Country not once - but twice. First on vacation with Alek whom I took to the airport half-way through and traded him out for my Mama. It was a fun trip where Alek and I spent as much time in as many coffee houses and cheap diners in Austin as possible as well as some time in Gruene and New Braufels. When Mama got there, we spent some time with one of her college buddies and then spent a day in Fredericksburg where we shopped (yes, I found a yarn store) and ended the day watching 3 million bats emerge from a cave...it was quite a fun week!

The next weekend, I went with this group of sheeple down to the Kid N Ewe Festival in Boerne.

We had a blast - and blasted through the money we had buying yarn - we bought mostly wools - but these two were there to show us what they could produce.

Isn't he CUTE?

She is spinning directly from that bunny!!

We also got to go to this new knitting store in Austin - The Knitting Nest. How cute is this place??? Ok...so you have to click on the link to see the pics - Blogger and some of my pics that I do have aren't agreeing...

As far as Bones go - the mutant extra bone is gone. (I know you are thankful for no pictures of that!) I'm in a knee high aircast for 6 weeks (two of which are gone) - but that means I am in super cranky mode since I can't drive for another 4. This does not make me happy...but I'll live - maybe. (Some of you have witnessed my dear hubby's driving - so you know what I mean.)

On to Resolutions! Knitting Resolutions, that is. Dawn, My friend and fellow BigMama/BooMama/Pioneer Woman lover (it's her fault I'm obsessed with these three ladies and their lives), has issued a Knitting Resolutions edict - er, um, invitation - to all of the internets...so I shall participate.

  • Knitting Resolution #1 - Finish that darned Clapotis. (It is NOT that hard...and when I pick it up, I enjoy it - enough so that I've got a couple of other yarns that I bought thinking "That would make an awesome Clapotis!)

  • Knitting Resolution #2 - Attempt to knit a sweater - not just talk about it. It can be short sleeved - it can even be for a child - just DO it.

  • Knitting Resolution #3 - Learn something new - Magic Loop, Intarsia, something

  • Knitting Resolution #4 - Actually do a Toe-Up Sock. I took the class, I know the basics - again, just do it already.

  • Knitting Resolution #5 - Frog and restart the Montego Bay scarf using that beautiful Woolmeise. It's wonky and I know that I won't be happy with it as is - so Frog it and Restart it!

  • Knitting Resolution #6 - Be more dedicated about taking pictures and then actually posting them to my blog. Included in this resolution is to blog more often. This once in a blue moon stuff just doesn't cut it.

I'm sure that there are more - but this will get me kick-started...(thanks Dawn.)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Win a Free Template for Your Blog!

C'mon - you know you want one as much as I do...


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knit Packing

So, I'm going on a trip starting tomorrow - It's a full week at the Hill Country Resort down on Canyon Lake. (Tough, huh? I'm just lucky to have parents who chose to spend the day before my wedding sitting at their kitchen table with salespeople from their timeshare who came to get them to upgrade...)

Anyway, I'm sitting here thinking of the important stuff - like what Knitting to pack.

I know there are things I want to finish - socks (the Hacho socks which are almost finished), the Clapotis (that I actually started during this week LAST year).

There are things I want to start - other socks (there's some Yarn Ahoy that I can't quit petting), some baby stuff I need to work on, and I really want to do that Montego Bay scarf...

But, I'm weird about wanting to wind up my yarn before I know I'm actually going to use it...and if I don't get to those things, do I want to have them wound when I didn't need to.

I wonder - just how much room will my winder and swift take up in the car???

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Three Women in a Volvo Take Hwy 80

So...remember last year when the girls and I went on that trip up Hwy 80 for our "little" garage sale adventure?

Well, it's Hwy 80 Sale time again!

Yes...you read that right - From Texas all the way to Mississippi - so Tasha, Becky and I hit the road again this year to see what we could scrounge up! (We missed Lise - but she was off in Rhinebeck - so we don't think she missed us too much.)

We met up at 6 am (on a Saturday, if you can believe!) - armed with Starbucks and an empty Volvo*

We set out putting it out to the Garage Sale Universe - 'cause that's what Tasha's MIL says to do - that we wanted certain things - purse handles, button jars, tea cups, etc... I think Tasha put a little too much emphasis on Button Jars - 'cause I think she ended up with a few. (One of those jars is in the picture of us with the Hwy 80 sign.)

(Tasha, Me, Becky)

We tried a different approach this year - driving past a bunch of it along I-20 due to the early hour - but after a stop at the Chevron in Canton to get rid of some of those Starbucks cups (yeah, that's the ticket), we decided to just cut on over to Hwy 80 around Mineola and head east, since it was almost 8 am by that time.

Along the way we saw tables in parking lots,

Sales on the back of flatbed trailers,

and in front of local shops/garages.

Sales in front of, behind (and inside of) homes -

Both the whimsical ones that seem like they are part of a post card...

And the ones that we were blinded by the thought of a sale inside - but after looking at them once we were back in the car, made us wonder if we didn't need to be a little more picky...

We fell in love with autumn in East Texas - and found a place tucked away off the highway that we decided should be promptly bought from the owners and turned into a Knitter's Retreat.

We had to go back to the Parades Family Restaurant for their Buffet with some of the Best Fried Chicken in the State...

And we laughed at the get go that we'd never find another pirate ship like I did last year...

But, there in one of the shops we went into - was this "beauty"...

No...it didn't come home with us - even though the gentleman who ran the shop offered us an additional 10% off if we could guess his age within five years...

It was obvious early on that the girls also had a side bet as to how many purses that I would be getting during the day. I think the final count was 6 - if you count the wallet on a strap I bought. It had a long strap, so I think it would count as a purse. But the two of them will have to duke it out as to who won.

Tasha, however, had the "Finds of the Day" this year - in two ways...
First, she found this cool Owl necklace -

But then, she found the perfect pink purse - vintage - and in beautiful condition! I, the purse ho, was (am still) green with envy!

and she paid for this little piece of perfection?

UGH! ;)

Critters - We saw Lots and Lots of Critters...

We saw Shop cats -

Llamas (pre-yarn stage) ;)

(I kept encouraging that one to spit on Tasha - just for the picture's sake.)

and a doggie along for the ride.

We saw LOTS of Ravelry mascot Bob's cousins - even one little baby cousin who had just gone to her new forever home...(No pic of "Shemo" - I was too busy getting Boston Terrier kisses from her to remember the camera...)

We even went into a Chevron where they were selling their silly little cars. Of course, with it being October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they were selling Pink Cars - which we naturally gravitated towards -

Even THAT car had a critter passenger...

(it was a death mobile...)

Now, Bathroom breaks take on a life of their own with three women in the car and Starbucks, waters and Sonic Cherry Limeades downed along the way. There were times where buying this might have been the "Find of the Day."

Although, admittedly, last year's breaks brought more giggles, we had fun going back to the same bathrooms along the way to see if they were still using strings to pull the handle ('cause people kept breaking it - so why keep fixin' it?) (They had fixed it this year) and whether the signage was still as funny.

It was.

We also had to find the place with the Candy Cigs - 'cause it's not a Garage Sale Day without the Candy Cigs...

It took us all day - but we found it -

and they had them - and the Ketchup Chips.

(How appropriate that the place is now pink...)

Next year, I'm sure we'll go back to the same places - to see if there are strings and candy cigs again.

After the Pink Candy Cig place (or, Bill & Mary's BBQ - whatever you want to call it), we turned towards home and just had to make one more stop...

Do you blame us???

We ended up back in Plano where we started about 7 pm - Volvo loaded down...

Tired - and happy - and giggled out.

I got home, checked e-mail, took off my shoe and boot, laid down on the bed about 8 pm - and woke up at 8 am Sunday morning.**

We're going again next year, right??

* In an effort to keep us honest, this pic was taken when we got home after the Volvo was unloaded (see the price tag stuck on the floor?) - the pic when we left would have been MUCH darker...

** Another bit o' honesty - I did wake up about 2:30 am - checked email and then went back to bed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Middle-aged Mutant Knitting Woman

So...the good news is that my hip is healing fabulously! Everything right on time - only a little bit of weakness that bothers me (like not being able to put my own foot in the car yet) but the Great Dr. A says that this will continue to get stronger.

However, when I was in the doc's office - I asked if he would look at my foot 'cause it had been hurting a bunch and I didn't know if I'd strained it or what. He was concerned about a stress fracture - 'cause I had been told in college that I had one and that it "might happen again and again through life." And it has - bothered me a little, but I always knew to wrap it and it would get better. Turns out, I didn't so much have a fracture - as I do have an extra bone! I asked if this mutant tendency would give me HEROES status - but he said no.

I decided that this must be the only reason I could do THIS:

In other knitting - I've been working on socks, dyeing (but haven't updated the shop yet) and I did a couple of scarves for the Red Scarf Project.

I used the new Berroco Comfort yarn for these - and they are the softest things in the world! I'm amazed by this yarn.

Now, I'm off to knit some more...

What A Fiberlicious Birthday!

I have such wonderful knitterly friends - I am so very blessed! (Click on the picture and it will give you little comment boxes to see what everything is...)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee Swap 3

Hey Pal!

These are the Questions (oh, and the answers.) ;)

1. Whole bean or ground? Ground

2. Fully-loaded or decaf? Definitely Leaded!

3. Regular or flavored? I like both. Regular, I like something medium roast (i.e., Not too bold, not to wimpy.) Flavored - I like nutty and cinnamon-y flavors. My favorite coffee is from Central Market and is called the "Austin Blend" - which combines the nutty and cinnamon-y flavors with a hint of vanilla.

4. How do you drink your coffee? A little coffee with my cream and sugar, please. (At least that's what my DH would say.) Winter, I like it hot - summer, I like it iced.

5. Favorite coffee ever? The cup of coffee served at Dupar's in Southern California.

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? Define fussy. I don't dare drink 'instant' like Sanka - but would do an "International Coffee" if forced.

7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? Dark, dark Chocolate and pecans or other nuts.

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? The one flavor I thought I'd love - but vehemently do NOT is Creme Brulee. Who'da thunk it!? In general, though, I don't like vanilla or caramel flavored coffees.

9. Yarn/fiber you love? Good wool, cottons, natural fibers

10. Yarn/fiber you hate? Cheap, crappy acrylics or "fancy" yarns with eyelashes or fur.

11. What's on your needles? Ususally socks and some sort of scarf or shawl.

12. Favorite colors? I love all color - not a big fan of huge amounts of yellow or orange - but appreciate them as accent colors. Blues, pinks, greens and purples are probably my favorites - but I also love lush greys and browns.

13. Allergies? See #10. ;) Scratchy wool does make me itch and I can't tolerate angora. Wish I could - 'cause I love it.

14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? I am fairly easy to please - love doing these swaps and seeing what everyone gets. Have fun with it - and ask any questions you wish!


Friday, September 28, 2007

On Knitting - and Enunciation...

So I was out last night with a few friends, celebrating one of said friend's birthday. We went to the Steakhouse at one of those large Fishin' and Huntin' stores - which, if you think about it, is kinda weird - but the food was fantastic - and the drink, well, let's just say I only needed one dirty martini - and probably shouldn't have knit after that one!

Now - this tale happened before said martini - but as I believe that if you can't set a good example, you must serve as a horrible warning - I give you this lesson in EEEE NUN SEE AY SHUN.

As we were standing by our table waiting to be seated, the host said, "There's a lady upstairs waiting for a group - could she be with you?" and offered to go get her. The way he described her sounded familiar - but then he said that the people she was waiting for wouldn't know what she looked like - which didn't sound like anyone we were expecting. So I said, "Ask her if she's a knitter."

Now, this gentleman - who just happens to be African American - did a double take and said, "Excuse me??" I thought he hadn't heard me - so I lifted up my knitting bag and again said, "Ask her if she's a knitter." At which point he broke down laughing saying, "I thought you were asking if she was one of MY people."

I mean, I know I grew up in East Texas and all - but I was horrified - and then couldn't quit laughing about it. (Thankfully, he was laughing with me!)

BUT - I think from now on, I'll hold up my knitting bag FIRST when asking someone if they are a KniTTer.

On another note -

The DFW Knit Out is this weekend - at Half Price Books on NW Hwy in Dallas. We've had fun planning it and there are some GREAT Door Prizes.

I'll be the one with "LIZ" printed on my name tag with a big K on the upper right hand corner of the tag.

You know K- for KniTTer!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is it Friday Yet??

I am so ready for this weekend.

The gals I went on the retreat with back in March are all going back to the scene of the crime for a Summer retreat this weekend. This time we are having a retreat-long class on how to do a top down baby cardigan - taught by our Knitting Fairy. I got some of the new Berroco Comfort in the Berry Mix colorway so I can make the cardigan for my new goddaughter.

I am 90% of the way through the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style - I only seem to knit on it when I am at the Tuesday Night Knit Night in Lewisville - 'cause their AC is set on Stun most of the time - otherwise, working on a 100% wook shawl/stole in 165 degree Texas weather is just not for me.

In sock news, I have officially cast on for the RPM socks from Knitty (Summer 2006 issue). I'm using Socks that Rock in the Mystic Kelp colorway. It's kind of cool how they are knitting up - will get pics this weekend - 'cause the RPM pattern spirals down the sock one way - but the color pooling/striping is spiraling down the opposite direction. Part of me thinks it would be cool to have it all spiral together - but the part of me that doesn't like matchy-matchy socks loves that it is opposite!

In dyeing news, I played with some new yarn this weekend - Licorice Twist - and really like the outcome. It has three plys and one of the plys takes up dye completely different from the other two - so there's a twisty effect in it. I swatched with some this week at my Tuesday night group just to see what it would look like and really like it! And it knits up very easily. The color that I was playing with was red with blue and gray - and I think I'll be making the Calorimetry from Knitty (Winter 2006) with it since I'm wanting to do some short row stuff.

Will post more - with pictures - after the weekend.

(Yes, we've warned Rose Path Weaving that we are on our way!!)

p.s. - if anyone knows how to make my sidebar pictures and text appear up here at top and not way down there - let me know. It's driving me crazy!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Going to IRELAND!!

Ok...so it's a "virtual" trip - but it's so very cool!!

My local Knitters group is having a July Vacation Secret Pal Swap - where we send our Spoilee on a trip somewhere.

Today, my "Travel Agent," Blogless Janet, called to say she was going to drop by - and she showed up on my door with not only my travel documents, but also my suitcase.

My Itinerary included stops in Dublin and Belfast, Cork and Doolin, Wesport and Derry with a stop in the Aran Isles where I can learn more and more about Aran patterning. (My agent knows I'm a Cable Ho.)

I opened my suitcase to see what souvenirs I was coming home with and - true to my packing style - that case was STUFFED!

I got so many wonderful things...

I got a few patterns - Aran Braided Socks, a Celtic Cable Scarf, and a Celtic Knot Afghan. As all good travel agents do, Janet knows her "customer" and has read the blog and knows that I'm toying with doing sweaters...so she also got me a wonderful book - "Aran Sweater Design" by Janet Szabo - that looks incredible - not only telling about Aran design, but outlines the anatomy of sweater-making (how to put them together in various ways) and also has a few lovely patterns.

I also got Kraemer Yarns in Eileen - which I've been eyeing at White Rock Weaving, but hadn't tried yet - and Knit Picks Bare Donegal Tweed - another that I've been wanting to play with. Of course, they are all nekkid - so I can also play with the Jacquard Dyes she got me - in Turquoise, Hot Fuchsia and Lilac (PRETTY!). There were some Cable needles, point protectors and a cute little sheep tape measure!

Also, my travel agent knows that I'm trying to learn how to read charts - which will definitely come in handy when I get up the courage to do these cabled sweaters - and she got me the Knit Picks chart keeper and a needle sizer!

On the goodie front - 'cause what's a vacation without goodies - I got some Irish Breakfast Tea, a couple of mixes for Scones and Soda Bread, some Ghirardelli dark chocolate and some Lily O'Brien's (of course) Chocolate Coated Toffees. yum!

And last, but not least, I got some lovely stitch markers that she made:


Thanks, Janet!! You are a FABULOUS "travel agent" - and I'd recommend you to ANYONE!

*(yes, my cedar chest is scratched...it's old, like me.)

We Take A Break From Regular Scheduled Knitting And Dyeing...

...and I think someone's trying to tell me that this shouldn't include a break from puppy love.*

* Not that I can't pet and love at the same time - she just demands undivided attention...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh Thank Heaven - for Kwik E Mart?

Had a great day yesterday!

Spent the morning with my Alek going to breakfast and walking around (ok...down one street - but for me less than 2 months out from hip replacement surgery - it was a major milestone!) Downtown McKinney. We love it there - had breakfast at Aparicio's and then walked over to Mom & Popcorn - which has all of the cool candies we knew as a child - from wax lips to pop rocks to taffys - and the popcorn! Oh the popcorn! They have about 45 different flavors of popcorn. I try to get a different flavor each time - just to try. Today was Creamy dill - amazingly good! And, of course, I had to get the cheese popcorn to bring home. I do believe it's the best cheese popcorn I've ever eaten. YUM!

Then a couple of friends came over and we drove down to Dallas where we did partake in the Beer Biscuits at Barbec's and then visited White Rock Weaving. The place was crowded!! They were having a looming class where they took chunks or strips of roving to weave between the strings to make a picture. It was so much fun to watch! We shopped the store - and I actually walked out of there without anything this time!! (Yay, Liz!) Not that I didn't WANT some of the things. :) She has started carrying the Kraemer yarns - which I love - including the Tatamy Tweed in several colors. Blogless Betty is making (or heck, with Betty, she's probably already MADE) a sweater out of this and I might just copy her and make one, too. (That's the 2nd time now I've blogged about making a sweater...I'm thinking this might actually happen.)

After WRW, we went to Passionknit in Snider Plaza. I said I was going there for one set of needles...I wanted the biggest circs I could find - needle size and length wise. They were having a sale and 20% off needles was a part of that! Amazingly, I came out of there with only that one circ (Size 19 - 47 inch circs) - and nothing more! (And with yarn on sale - big sales - I just almost wanted to pat myself on the back for getting only what I came in there for!)

On the way home, we were at a red light and looked to the left and there was a Kwik E Mart!!!

Now, I don't watch the Simpsons religiously - but I've been known to watch and giggle at it a time or four. But I think it's a hoot that 7-11 Stores have transformed 11 of their US stores - and one in Canada - into the Kwik E Mart to promote the upcoming Simpson's movie - complete with "life-sized" cutouts of the characters, Krusty O's cereal and Squishee drinks.

And I love all of the little details they did come up with - such as the Bank's sign and the labels for the donuts.

The lines inside were CRAZY - both for the Squishee machine and the cashier - so we didn't buy anything. But it was fun to go in and just see it all.

Once we got home, we broke out the dye and nekkid yarn 'cause I need to do some more Knit Clinic yarns so I can update the shop a little. My buddies had to leave and couldn't dye - but then my goddaughter and her mom (my best bud from high school) came over and "helped" me by watching and oohing and ahhing over colors.

They aren't dry yet - but here's a taste of what's coming...

Yes, it was a very pink and green day - and I can't wait to see what they look like reskeined and in the shop!

On a final note - I can't remember if I've said how happy I am for my friend Becky! She gets to go to China in less than 2 weeks - to get her baby girl!! Go here to read about her upcoming trip - and keep her and Dean in your thoughts and prayers as they make this wonderful journey!!

Can't wait to meet her, Becky!!!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Quick Thank You

I keep forgetting - shame on me - to take the time to send a "Thank You" to my SP 10 Pal - Nicole.

I can't wait to knit some socks with that Regia Cotton - I've really been wanting to try it!

Thanks, Nicole! It's been a hoot for my first SP 10 participation!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

I frighten myself...

Just a short year ago, I saw someone doing the Lady Eleanor Entrelac shawl/wrap and thought, "I'll never do that!!" Now I am and am loving it...

Just a few short months ago, I sat with Alissa and Manda at the Fiber Fest and said, "I can never do a sweater..." Alissa said, "Sure you can!" and I said, "No...don't have the patience."

But now I look at that Lady E that I'm almost 2/3 of the way through (pics to follow) and I said, "This has got to be as many stitches as a sweater..." (Becky and Blogless Betty say MORE.)

And then today, I was at Half Price Books and got a bunch of books to look through while drinking my java and when I got to the table and sat down, noticed that every single book was a SWEATER book.

I frighten myself...and must now go cast on Socks...

...which I also said I'd never do.

This will be my 5th pair...

Monday, July 02, 2007

This Dyeing Thing...

So, y'all know I've been playing with the nekkid yarns and dyes...and that it's become a passion of mine - some would say an obsession.

So...I've taken some of this nekkid yarn - and mixed it with some of those professional type acid dyes - and Viola!

Knit Clinic Yarns is now a real live Etsy shop!

Stop by and have a gander!

Thanks to all who have encouraged this craziness - I'm really having fun with it!