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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Retreat and Dye!!

I thought this had posted a couple of weeks ago - Guess I should check out my own blog every now and then!!

I just spent an awesome knitterly weekend with a group of friends at a lovely retreat center in East Texas called Arabella Gardens.

It was a lovely center out in the country set up like a B&B with lots of farm life - chickens, roosters, ducks, dogs - just outside the door.

There were about 10 of us altogether and we had such a relaxing time - knitting and chatting and just enjoying being away from everything.

The food was beyond every expectation - in a good way! A VERY good way. There were even conversations about getting glasses of the salad dressing to eat/drink by itself. It was THAT good. (We didn't, though, I promise!)

We got there on Friday night - people straggling in until about 7 or so - then we were all there in time for dinner. We arrived to lovely gift bags on our beds with everything from yarn to hand lotions and candles and Lambs' Ears - Lovely little fuzzy headbands with lambs ears on them. And yes - all of us grown women wore them all weekend!

Saturday morning, we got up to a scrumptious breakfast and then packed the cars to head "into town" for - what else - some yarn shopping!

We went to a little shop called Rose Path Weaving in Lindale and took it by storm! The ladies there are just the most friendly, wonderful people and they made special sales for our group and, quite possibly, made their entire income goal for the month with our group alone.

Rose Path is a great source for yarny goodness in East Texas - and has looms and spinning supplies - and lots of nekkid yarn - which does the heart of this novice dyer good!

They have lots of yummy yarn flavors and the most adorable mascot - Sandy

After Rose Path, we went to Wally World to get some stuff - 'cause you know that's what Wally World is good for - and it wasn't until we were out in the car that I realized that I had been walking around the store for all of East Texas to see with - yes, you guessed it! Lamb Ears on my head!!! (Let me just say I was NOT the only one who got the stares....ahem...)

Now let me say - the week leading up to this retreat had been one of the more stressful weeks that I have ever experienced on a personal level and I needed this time away. It could not have been planned at a better time. I honestly don't think I actually knit more than 10 rows on anything all weekend - BUT, I did get to dye.

I brought all of my dyeing supplies with me and spent a good deal of Saturday night dyeing not only my own nekkid yarn - but also the nekkid yarn that others had bought at Rosepath. These trusting souls just handed me their yarn and said, "Play!" It was the best medicine that anyone could give me...the relaxation factor was 11 on a scale of 1-10.

These are our yarns drying in the morning light...and all of them skeined up for their photo ops!

On Sunday afternoon, we left Garden Valley more relaxed - one of us with very purple hands - having laughed and giggled so much our tummies hurt and wanting to know when we were going to do it again.

I wondered if those animals thought we were the craziest they had ever seen - with our lamb ears on all weekend - but, I think the picture I got of the cat confirmed their feelings...

Crazy Women!


Blogger Knitting Rose said...

I am glad to see this posted - I am so happy that you had such a good time. I know it was 11 on my scale of 10.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Tasha said...

So good. I want to go back right now!

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great shots of all the yarn! Sounds like it was really fun.

Your Secret Pal

11:36 AM  

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