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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thanks & Bones & Resolutions!

Consider this one huge bowl of Catch-up.

First of all - I need to send a BIG Ol' THANK YOU! to Frances for my Coffee Swap 3 gift! I sent proper thanks to her already - long long ago - but really need to do it publicly. I kept waiting for my camera's battery charger to reappear so I could get a "better than the cell phone" pic...but since the charger is still in hiding, I'm going to have to just use this horrible picture to show what I assure you was one of the best packages EVER!

What is hard to see there is two lovely skeins of SWTC Bamboo in the Esquire colorway and a big ol' skein of the Socka Colori Disco in a blingy light blue. Love them! There was also some cute napkins and adorable coasters not to mention some chocolate (yum) and some Authentic NJ Saltwater Taffy (some of my absolute favorite candy!). And then, Frances also makes these lovely soaps - and I got several of them. Y'all figure out how to buy them from her - 'cause they smell incredible - and there's this one bar called "Kitchen Magic," that does just take all the smells from your hands from like garlic or onion chopping.

As far as the coffee goes - which my Alek says is the reason he can get behind this swapping business - she sent a really dark rich coffee called "Twin Lights Fog Buster Blend" from Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters which definitely has a bite to it - but it's a good bite. Will definitely wake you up! But the other is my favorite - from Asbury Park Roastery - City Roast Bolivia. It's a perfect blend for the two of us - we love it and may have to figure out how to import some more to Texas! HA!

But, the best part of the package was the mug - The coolest coffee mug ever! I loved it all, Frances!! You are definitely a great swap partner!

In November, I got to trek down to Austin and the Hill Country not once - but twice. First on vacation with Alek whom I took to the airport half-way through and traded him out for my Mama. It was a fun trip where Alek and I spent as much time in as many coffee houses and cheap diners in Austin as possible as well as some time in Gruene and New Braufels. When Mama got there, we spent some time with one of her college buddies and then spent a day in Fredericksburg where we shopped (yes, I found a yarn store) and ended the day watching 3 million bats emerge from a cave...it was quite a fun week!

The next weekend, I went with this group of sheeple down to the Kid N Ewe Festival in Boerne.

We had a blast - and blasted through the money we had buying yarn - we bought mostly wools - but these two were there to show us what they could produce.

Isn't he CUTE?

She is spinning directly from that bunny!!

We also got to go to this new knitting store in Austin - The Knitting Nest. How cute is this place??? Ok...so you have to click on the link to see the pics - Blogger and some of my pics that I do have aren't agreeing...

As far as Bones go - the mutant extra bone is gone. (I know you are thankful for no pictures of that!) I'm in a knee high aircast for 6 weeks (two of which are gone) - but that means I am in super cranky mode since I can't drive for another 4. This does not make me happy...but I'll live - maybe. (Some of you have witnessed my dear hubby's driving - so you know what I mean.)

On to Resolutions! Knitting Resolutions, that is. Dawn, My friend and fellow BigMama/BooMama/Pioneer Woman lover (it's her fault I'm obsessed with these three ladies and their lives), has issued a Knitting Resolutions edict - er, um, invitation - to all of the internets...so I shall participate.

  • Knitting Resolution #1 - Finish that darned Clapotis. (It is NOT that hard...and when I pick it up, I enjoy it - enough so that I've got a couple of other yarns that I bought thinking "That would make an awesome Clapotis!)

  • Knitting Resolution #2 - Attempt to knit a sweater - not just talk about it. It can be short sleeved - it can even be for a child - just DO it.

  • Knitting Resolution #3 - Learn something new - Magic Loop, Intarsia, something

  • Knitting Resolution #4 - Actually do a Toe-Up Sock. I took the class, I know the basics - again, just do it already.

  • Knitting Resolution #5 - Frog and restart the Montego Bay scarf using that beautiful Woolmeise. It's wonky and I know that I won't be happy with it as is - so Frog it and Restart it!

  • Knitting Resolution #6 - Be more dedicated about taking pictures and then actually posting them to my blog. Included in this resolution is to blog more often. This once in a blue moon stuff just doesn't cut it.

I'm sure that there are more - but this will get me kick-started...(thanks Dawn.)

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Blogger Knitting Rose said...

Yours sound like great resolutions. I know you can keep them! I want to see the Woolmeise - i have never even SEEN any.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Ronda & Ben said...

LOL, I had to take a break in the middle! ;^)
Sounds like some good resolutions to me. You go girl!

6:38 AM  
Blogger Frances said...

Hi Liz, Merry Christmas, we enjoyed the coffee you sent, the French Roast Sunset Blend. It was SOOOO good.Thanks,

6:22 AM  

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