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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stroller Blanket 1 - 2

Stroller Blanket 1 - 2
Originally uploaded by lizkiddo2000.
Another View of the Stroller Blankie

Stroller Blanket 1

Stroller Blanket 1
Originally uploaded by lizkiddo2000.
This is the Stroller Blanket that I just finished. It's the "Dishcloth" Pattern with tassles that weight down the corners of the blankie so that it doesn't fly away easily.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Who'd have ever thunk it - me - in the centerfold!

HA! - Just the Dallas Morning News article about knitting - Today's Solutions section had a huge article about knitting - and my ugly mug was up there in the pic with 3 much more attractive knit mates from the Half Price Books Knitting and Crochet Meetup a couple of weeks ago.

Fun group - great article...


Casting On...

Don't you just love the blogging world??

Random folks typing out their innermost thoughts - some of which should remain innermost - but for the most part, a good group of people who just want their say in the world.

Now that I'm knitting more than just basic scarves - not MUCH more, mind you, but some more - I thought I'd blog about it...Yarn finds, UFO's that are driving me crazy, and maybe - just maybe - I'll figure out how to post pictures and will grace your eyes (or horrify them) with my work.

Happy Knitting!