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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knit Packing

So, I'm going on a trip starting tomorrow - It's a full week at the Hill Country Resort down on Canyon Lake. (Tough, huh? I'm just lucky to have parents who chose to spend the day before my wedding sitting at their kitchen table with salespeople from their timeshare who came to get them to upgrade...)

Anyway, I'm sitting here thinking of the important stuff - like what Knitting to pack.

I know there are things I want to finish - socks (the Hacho socks which are almost finished), the Clapotis (that I actually started during this week LAST year).

There are things I want to start - other socks (there's some Yarn Ahoy that I can't quit petting), some baby stuff I need to work on, and I really want to do that Montego Bay scarf...

But, I'm weird about wanting to wind up my yarn before I know I'm actually going to use it...and if I don't get to those things, do I want to have them wound when I didn't need to.

I wonder - just how much room will my winder and swift take up in the car???


Blogger Frances said...

You can never take too much yarn on a trip UNLESS that yarn prevents you from PURCHASING more yarn on the trip! Enjoy yourself!

6:05 PM  

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