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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Garage Sales, Jewelry, Yarn and - oh yeah - a Cop

Ok....whew! What a day it was!! I think I had more fun than should be allowed!

I think I haven't laughed and giggled so much in many many years - from the first stop to the last, I think that there were very few places that did not get some of our hard-earned cash.

I got so many silly and cool things - the pirate ship being the catch o' the day! My nephew is going to have a coronary when he sees it. Between that and the big medallion with the skeleton key attached, his Christmas will be fun!

I got a huge dagger - not as big as Lise's sword, but it's huge. Has a metal handle on it with a wolf. My brother's a collector and it will be a great Christmas present.

I got jewelry (which I find hilarious 'cause if you know me, you know you hardly ever see me with any on - so it's Peer Pressure, I tell ya!) and beads to make elephant stitch markers, a couple of bags to use as project bags and a purse, a juicer and best of all - a Bunny Bread patch. I grew up eating Bunny Bread at my grandparents and I never see any of its advertising stuff around anymore - it seems to be hard to come by. I was happy to buy this huge patch! Yay! "That's what I said - Bunny Bread."

And Rosepath Weaving - OMG! What a great little yarn shop! I can't believe we didn't get pictures of that - but then again, we were knitters and there was a plethora of yarn - so we had a bit of tunnel vision. They had so many wonderful yarns and roving and dyable handspuns that I was in overload. And y'all know me and hitting the sale bins...I got 4 balls of GGH Cadiz in this beautiful variegated Cotton/Acrylic/Rayon blend of pinks and browns and 12 balls of Skacel Contrasto - 3 of a navy blue and 9 of a coppery brown. It's 70% silk and 30%Nylon and I just loved the colors. For $2 a ball, I felt like I had a bargain. They also had the elusive Size 2 Addi Turbos in the 24" size so I got them for the socks class. Yay! The staff was so friendly - although at first I think they were a little overwhelmed by us. (Imagine that!) Once they realized that we were serious knitters they relaxed and had fun with us! (I think they called in reinforcements 'cause the owner showed up at the end of our visit and the gal checking me out ratted me out to the her as the person who led this gaggle of gals to her shop and she was excited to know that their web page is working to bring people in.)

As we left they gave each of us little Halloween treat bags with a ball of Schoeller & Stahl Baby Cotton, a cute pin with a drop spindle on it, a mint, a pen and a stitch marker - mine has a fish and shell on it and I plan on using it while in Galveston next week!

If any of you are going to East Texas and are needing a break at the Lindale exit - the one for Hwy 69 - Take a break. They are just north of the Interstate past the new Wal Mart and Chili's and Posados - on the right in a new little shopping center and there's a coffee shop next door that looked and smelled wonderful - but we didn't get in there. (Still, overloaded on yarns...)

We had major plans to stop at several garage sales on the way back, but after lunch in Mineola at the Paredes Family Buffet - good grub - we kept driving by them and saying "Nah....not good enough." We got jaded! And we had to get back to Kat the Jewelry Lady to see what else she had to show. I think she had as much fun with us as we did with her. She was a hoot!

Once we got home, Alek wanted to go to eat Mexican food - and I had heard of this place in McKinney. So, before heading back to Plano, we drove over on 121 to McKinney to find some place called "Tequila something.." or "Margarita something..." We drove slowly through town and got a little lost in a more run down area and then drove around downtown a couple of times. We found Aparicio's McKinney location and should have just stopped there. But no - we wanted something different. I think it was the 2nd time around the square that the police car started following us. I think I was a convict in another life or something 'cause I get the heebie jeebies whenever one is behind me. I know I'm not doing anything wrong, but I get to feeling guilty. LOL I pray each light to not turn yellow when I'm driving through and - well, I decided to get into the right hand lane and let her pass. That's when the lights went off and my heart sank.

What had I done wrong? I signalled, our seatbelts are on, my tags are up to date, etc. So I pulled into the KFC and waited for the hammer to drop. (remember, I'm bleary eyed from a day-long garage saling jewelry wearing yarn shopping adventure, hopped up on candy cigarettes and I have this huge dagger in the back of my car - one that I don't know the history of since I just bought it from a redneck in East Texas and he could have used it for any sort of nefarious deed prior to offering it for sale to this city chick.) Anyway, She said she stopped me 'cause the light above my license plate was out and that she usually doesn't give tickets out for this as long as I have DL and Ins proof and it all checks out. Luckily, we have all of this that checks out and we are allowed to leave. Whew...no ticket...no nefarious dagger revelations...and once she left and I went to show Alek where the light should be on over the license plate, no missing light. It was on. Shining brightly.

I was confused - but wondered if where we got lost was a high drug enforcement zone or something and our slow driving and repeated path in our attempt to find a restaurant caused her to think I was looking for trouble. Who knows - I'm just happy I didn't get a ticket.

Ms. Officer also let met know that the Tequila place went out of business. (Alek still is questioning my sanity in asking an officer of the law - who has already found reason to stop us - where to find some tequila.)

We promptly drove back to Plano to On the Border and then home - where I crashed and don't think I moved all night.

I can't wait 'til next year...we are going, aren't we???

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