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Friday, September 28, 2007

On Knitting - and Enunciation...

So I was out last night with a few friends, celebrating one of said friend's birthday. We went to the Steakhouse at one of those large Fishin' and Huntin' stores - which, if you think about it, is kinda weird - but the food was fantastic - and the drink, well, let's just say I only needed one dirty martini - and probably shouldn't have knit after that one!

Now - this tale happened before said martini - but as I believe that if you can't set a good example, you must serve as a horrible warning - I give you this lesson in EEEE NUN SEE AY SHUN.

As we were standing by our table waiting to be seated, the host said, "There's a lady upstairs waiting for a group - could she be with you?" and offered to go get her. The way he described her sounded familiar - but then he said that the people she was waiting for wouldn't know what she looked like - which didn't sound like anyone we were expecting. So I said, "Ask her if she's a knitter."

Now, this gentleman - who just happens to be African American - did a double take and said, "Excuse me??" I thought he hadn't heard me - so I lifted up my knitting bag and again said, "Ask her if she's a knitter." At which point he broke down laughing saying, "I thought you were asking if she was one of MY people."

I mean, I know I grew up in East Texas and all - but I was horrified - and then couldn't quit laughing about it. (Thankfully, he was laughing with me!)

BUT - I think from now on, I'll hold up my knitting bag FIRST when asking someone if they are a KniTTer.

On another note -

The DFW Knit Out is this weekend - at Half Price Books on NW Hwy in Dallas. We've had fun planning it and there are some GREAT Door Prizes.

I'll be the one with "LIZ" printed on my name tag with a big K on the upper right hand corner of the tag.

You know K- for KniTTer!