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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh Thank Heaven - for Kwik E Mart?

Had a great day yesterday!

Spent the morning with my Alek going to breakfast and walking around (ok...down one street - but for me less than 2 months out from hip replacement surgery - it was a major milestone!) Downtown McKinney. We love it there - had breakfast at Aparicio's and then walked over to Mom & Popcorn - which has all of the cool candies we knew as a child - from wax lips to pop rocks to taffys - and the popcorn! Oh the popcorn! They have about 45 different flavors of popcorn. I try to get a different flavor each time - just to try. Today was Creamy dill - amazingly good! And, of course, I had to get the cheese popcorn to bring home. I do believe it's the best cheese popcorn I've ever eaten. YUM!

Then a couple of friends came over and we drove down to Dallas where we did partake in the Beer Biscuits at Barbec's and then visited White Rock Weaving. The place was crowded!! They were having a looming class where they took chunks or strips of roving to weave between the strings to make a picture. It was so much fun to watch! We shopped the store - and I actually walked out of there without anything this time!! (Yay, Liz!) Not that I didn't WANT some of the things. :) She has started carrying the Kraemer yarns - which I love - including the Tatamy Tweed in several colors. Blogless Betty is making (or heck, with Betty, she's probably already MADE) a sweater out of this and I might just copy her and make one, too. (That's the 2nd time now I've blogged about making a sweater...I'm thinking this might actually happen.)

After WRW, we went to Passionknit in Snider Plaza. I said I was going there for one set of needles...I wanted the biggest circs I could find - needle size and length wise. They were having a sale and 20% off needles was a part of that! Amazingly, I came out of there with only that one circ (Size 19 - 47 inch circs) - and nothing more! (And with yarn on sale - big sales - I just almost wanted to pat myself on the back for getting only what I came in there for!)

On the way home, we were at a red light and looked to the left and there was a Kwik E Mart!!!

Now, I don't watch the Simpsons religiously - but I've been known to watch and giggle at it a time or four. But I think it's a hoot that 7-11 Stores have transformed 11 of their US stores - and one in Canada - into the Kwik E Mart to promote the upcoming Simpson's movie - complete with "life-sized" cutouts of the characters, Krusty O's cereal and Squishee drinks.

And I love all of the little details they did come up with - such as the Bank's sign and the labels for the donuts.

The lines inside were CRAZY - both for the Squishee machine and the cashier - so we didn't buy anything. But it was fun to go in and just see it all.

Once we got home, we broke out the dye and nekkid yarn 'cause I need to do some more Knit Clinic yarns so I can update the shop a little. My buddies had to leave and couldn't dye - but then my goddaughter and her mom (my best bud from high school) came over and "helped" me by watching and oohing and ahhing over colors.

They aren't dry yet - but here's a taste of what's coming...

Yes, it was a very pink and green day - and I can't wait to see what they look like reskeined and in the shop!

On a final note - I can't remember if I've said how happy I am for my friend Becky! She gets to go to China in less than 2 weeks - to get her baby girl!! Go here to read about her upcoming trip - and keep her and Dean in your thoughts and prayers as they make this wonderful journey!!

Can't wait to meet her, Becky!!!

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Isn't the Kwik-E-Mart a hoot? We went during the week and while still crowded I'm sure it wasn't nearly as bad as a Saturday. I'm like you on the Simpsons - I haven't seen it yet this season, but when it's on and we see it I do enjoy it.

Can't wait to see those skeins in your store.... :)

2:33 PM  
Blogger Knitting Rose said...

those are tooooooo beautiful. I am going to come over for a DYEING only day. I can't wait. I want to help with some of the creations. Wasn't QuikEmart cool? that night at the movies - I got to sit on a full size couch with the Simpson family!! I will send you a pic.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! The yarn is gorgeous - my favs are on the right side of the picture - shocking, huh? I have not seen a Kwik E Mart yet - but I will certainly stop if I do!!

3:28 PM  

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