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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What happens when your Yarn Conscience Takes a Week Off to See Mickey

So, my buddy and yarn conscience, Tasha, took off on Monday to see a certain Mouse - so my willpower was weakened...but I was going to be good - I really was.

But then my other buddy, Manda, had some car problems that HAD to be fixed - so she lovingly destashed some of her lovely yarns. Now Manda, the girl has the good stuff!! And she had Schaefer Anne - in Purples - that she managed to take just the worst picture of so no one could see it's true loveliness...and no one bought it - and no one bought it - and no one bought it...so, without my yarn conscience to guide me, I did.

See what you non-buyers missed out on??

This may go to my secret pal - if I can pry it out of my stash in June for the big reveal gift - so then it wouldn't count for buying yarn. (There must be SOME of the yarn conscience that was left behind...)

And then - well, the yarn conscience can't bust me for this one.

After a particularly weird week I've had, yet another buddy, Becky, appointed herself my NSSP - Not So Secret Pal - and brought me these wonderful things!

Yep! It's VESPER!!! In the Love Stinks (Yeah! Yeah!) colorway! Squee!!!!

But best of all - these!!!!!

They are the most adorable stitch markers - instructions for the Kitchener Stitch. I've seen them at the Girl on the Rocks Etsy shop forever and have wanted them - and now they are mine - alllllll mine! They are the cutest little shrinky-dink type thing I've ever seen...Double Squeee!

So - all in all, one part my fault, one part helping out a friend and two parts gifty equal some yummy yarny goodness for a pretty good week!

And this weekend is the DFW Fiber Fest and I am going to go to the Vendor Area and Show on Friday evening and hope to take some classes if they are available when I walk up...and well, did you see that word "vendor area."

Yep...I'm just going to take down the "X number of days, hours, minutes, seconds since I bought yarn" clock 'til after this weekend...'cause, well, 'cause I don't even want to pretend!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I've been replaced! :) Just kidding... always nice to have friends who spoil you. Love the new yarn!

Your secret pal

7:43 AM  
Blogger Manda said...

People didn't buy it because my picture sucked... people didn't buy it because they knew it was YOURS. ;)

And the Vesper is awesome!! I have some in the very same colorway. :D

7:55 AM  
Blogger Tasha said...

You are forgiven. That is SO pretty.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Liz! Annie from nightknitters here! I found your blog and just wanted to say that you got some great yarn there! I've been wanting to do Serrano from fall Knitty and it calls for that Schafer Anne stuff. =D That's probably the prettiest color I've seen.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Knitting Rose said...

Cool stuff. I have to hang with Manda more... don't feel bad - I don't have a yarn conscience at all!! so I have no excuses!!

5:01 PM  

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