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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our Anniversary

March 17 was our 6th anniversary. We got married March 17, 2001, in Jefferson, TX in the Excelsior House courtyard (yes, I first typed that as courtyarn.... I think I have an obsession.) surrounded by friends and family.

A couple of days before our anniversary this year, we got a call letting us know that we could have a condo through our timeshare for a weekend down in the hill country of Texas. We grabbed the chance and packed a bag and left after work on Friday for Canyon Lake.

Saturday, I spent the morning letting Alek sleep in - his weekday work schedule has him up early every day, so Saturdays are his days to sleep. I, however, can't seem to sleep very late anymore - so I went downstairs and dyed some yarn. HA! (I know this shocks everyone!)

Manda has named the one on the right "Amber Waves of Grain" and the one on the left is "Circus Freak."

After Alek got up and got ready, we went into Austin for Breakfast at Kerby Lane Cafe - YUMMO! If you ever go I have 2 items - both appetizers - that are must buys - Kerbylicious Soft Nachos and the Sweet Potato Fries...

And then we drove around town and wanted to go to this coffeehouse on South Congress that we'd read would let us take Sabine with us. (She did get to come on the trip with us.)

Well, it was the last weekend of SXSW in Austin - and Jo's Coffeehouse was one of the venues for some of the bands - SO, South Congress was PACKED and very hard to find parking - but we found it - and where do you think we found it - right on the side street that brought us out to

Yes, even the car knows where the knitting/yarn shops are!!!

I was good and didn't ask to go in right away (but did check the door to see what time they closed...) and we walked down and back up S. Congress - looking at shops, listening to bands and enjoying the beautiful weather. (You can see in the Hill Country Weaver's sign above how clear of a day it was!)

As we got back towards the car when Sabine had really tired out, I did go inside HCW while they went to get the car - thinking I do need some Chibis....and honestly had every intention of not looking at anything else - yarn diet and all - but the very evil saleslady walked me by their "just in" shipment of Koigu...so THIS is what Alek got me for our anniversary.

(He didn't know he got it for me 'til the next morning - but I finally fessed up.)

That night, we went to the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood - which has to be some of the best BBQ in the world...

Sunday morning - we checked out of the resort, went to Austin Java Company for a delicious breakfast with some of the best coffee ever, drove around Austin some more and then headed home - along with what must have been close to the entire population of North Texas AND Oklahoma - if not Kansas...since our little 3 hour drive expectancy turned into close to 8...Finally got off in Hillsboro and went up the backroads to Fort Worth. (The hold up probably was 2 miles ahead of where we turned off - but by that time, we just wanted to be moving!!)

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend - and here's hoping for another year or fifty with this loving man of mine!!


Blogger Tasha said...

Great pixs! Love that yarn you dyed. Happy anniversary

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats on your anniversary. what a lovely trip

enjoy your time with the 'hunk'!!!!

Enid(in the UK)

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your Secret Pal

11:42 AM  
Anonymous chris said...

I love, love, LOVE Jefferson, and the Excelsior is my favorite place to stay there . . . Hub and I try and go at least a couple times a year -- it's the best getawayandrelax kind of weekend.

3:42 PM  

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