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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Bit of Ketchup

Forgive me - for I have been remiss in my blogging - so I'm taking this huge post to catch up on the knitting life...

I've not mentioned the DFW Fiber Fest yet. What a treat - this was my first year to really participate further than shopping the booths. I was there every day - and really enjoyed it!

Now it's not Stitches - or one of the big Sheep and Wool gatherings - but it was a great little event for this area's 2nd year Fest.

Friday night, we had major weather here in DFW - a factor which seems to be a common occurrence here these days - and by the time dinner time rolled around, the Tornado sirens were going off and we were all herded into the interior of the building to wait out the storm. My buddy Manda and I had gone for the fashion show that night and we just sat there and knit through the chaos just outside our doors. Are we Texans or what?

Once the threat was over - no major damage in our area happened - the Fashion Show commenced and it was entertaining to say the least. I wish I had brought my camera - 'cause, well, mere words cannot describe the things we saw!

On Saturday, I returned to the scene to take a class with Tasha (and we rooked our friend - Blogless Kathy into taking it, too) taught by our dear friend, The Knitting Fairy. We learned how to do Entrelac! It is so cool!! I love this technique! It looks like woven strips of stockinette -

The class project was a small bag that could be felted or just kept as is. I've finished the body of the bag, but haven't woven in the ends or knit the handle. It's on my to-do list.

I want to do this scarf now - just have to find (or dye) just the right yarn for it!

Sunday, I went back to take a class taught by Lily Chin herself! The class was called "Reversible Cables" and it was about technique and chart reading and designing.

Friday night, after the Fashion Show, I had gone up to talk to her to ask what the homework for the class was since I had just signed up. The room had been very cold that night and I had borrowed the scarf that I had made for my boss last Christmas - you know - this one

Anyway - I was wearing this as I talked to her and she said, "Make sure you bring your scarf to class!!" I just about squee'd right there - but kept my composure because a.) I'm cool like that (HA!) and b.) I just knew she wanted to have it as an example of what NOT to do!

When we got to class, she asked, "Ok, who had the red scarf on Friday night?" I pulled it out and she came over - took a few glances at it - and then went about teaching. When it came time to do show and tell with her things, she brought them all around for everyone to see - and then grabbed mine and gave it as an example, too!! A GOOD example!! I just about wet myself!!

Of course, I didn't have camera with me this day either...'cause evidently my photography mind was clouded by my knitting mind - so I didn't get any pics of Ms. Chin - but I had a pattern of hers that she signed!

It says - "Hi Liz, Happy Knitting - Think Dirty! Lily Chin" You just had to be there!

I tell you what - both classes were well worth the money - I learned so much - and these were first rate teachers! The next few years of the Fest promise to have even more great teachers - starting next year with Joan Schroeder...

Which brings me to this past weekend.

Our LYS - the Woolie Ewe - is having "The Year of the Knitting Designer" and has had some great designers show up to teach - one of whom is Joan Schroeder.

This past weekend, Joan came to town and taught two days of the "Toe Up Sock Class." I took the Saturday class along with Tasha, Lise, Becky, Blogless Betty and Susanne. (We also met Regina while we were there - she was camera ready and took pics of our little socklets that are on her blog.)

Joan's an incredible teacher, too - and I loved this class - even if it DID require some math. I feel like I can tackle any sock pattern now, too. I got doubly lucky 'cause Joan is a friend of Blogless Betty and I was able to have dinner with lovely Joan a couple of nights while she was here. She's a sweetheart - if you ever get a chance to take her class - sign up quick!

In other yarny news, my buddy went to NYC and all I got was these two lousily beautiful skeins of KOIGU!!

And while at the abovementioned Sock class - I bought - shocker, I know - SOCK YARN! This is a Lorna's Laces colorway I've seen online and thought I'd like because I like the name (Big C.S. Lewis fan here) - but now know I LOVE it!!

I show you - ASLAN!

These will be socks for ME! I may do them in Monkey...because I am a sheep...baaa

That's what got me into My So Called Scarf - which is now an FO!!

Even Sabine likes it!!

And finally - I have dyed some - these are last Sunday's efforts...minus one that is going to live in California with Manda...you can see it on her blog.

I see a lot of knitting time in my future...more on that later.


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