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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Six Strange Things About Me

Ok...Lise tagged me and is making me actually think about the strange things that I do....

So here goes...

1. I have a terrible fear of tripping/falling down. I have done more damage to this crazy hip of mine by NOT falling down than if I'd actually let myself fall.

2. I own a bajillion pair of sunglasses - very few of which I actually wear to cover my eyes. I use them as a hair band to keep the hair out of my eyes. (I also have the little divots in the top of my head where the nose pieces rest because I've been doing this for so long.)

3. I will often decide which stall to use in the ladies room based on the number of times I've been at the establishment. (First visit to a store? First stall. Third visit? Third stall.) I do, however, make exceptions in order to avoid nastiness.

4. I have a hard time eating anything "Dry". I've often claimed to be part raccoon since I need to dip my food into something else to keep it moist. Ranch, sour cream, honey mustard, ketchup - whatever - as long as it makes it easier for me to chew. (But it can't be soggy - so I can't be all raccoon!)

5. I hate cleaning - and have been blessed with a husband who doesn't mind doing it. (I do, however, get a weird sense of satisfaction from taking a really dirty, greasy pan and soaping it up and having it come clean. It's almost cathartic.)


6. I have a weird fascination with Q-tips - just in that I must have the cleanest ears west of the Mississippi and East of Apple Valley, California. (I'll not rat you out, you Cali girl...you can do that yourself!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - you are weird~~~~~ but I knew that already. I LLOVE the Qtip thing! LOL
BTW - I love seeing the FO's listed - they are soo nice - everything is!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

Everything is better with Ranch. LOL.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Birdwell said...

5 and 6 are TOTALLY me. I hate cleaning (I'd show you a pic of the mess right now--but my hubby won't let me). But the satisfaction of cleaning a grimhy bit on a bathroom toilet or a baked on mess on a the stove top--that is a special thrill.

They tell me Q-tips aren't meant for the ears, but oh dear it feels so good to get them cleaned out. I actually keep my pinky fingernail long to clean out my hubby's ears (kids too when they let me). I have to make my self NOT reach out and try to clean out strangers' ears.

Birdy from LSSK

6:36 PM  

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