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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's OTN

Ok...with me, what's NOT on the needles.

I guess the "Not" would be the dreaded Clapotis - as it is still baby blanket season.

Both of the babies in California that I'm knitting for have been born - and the one who will be here in Texas has been born but is still in Guatemala waiting for her forever Mommy to get the go-ahead to bring her home!

I just finished knitting my first Irish Hiking Scarf. I'll post pictures soon - but haven't finished it up quite yet. I made a shortened version of it because the yarn (Artful Yarns "Serenade") - it was so soft and cuddly that it seemed to be a great "tuck in" scarf - for just around the neck and then "tucked in" to the collar of the coat.

I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL and have enjoyed doing My first dishcloth for that group! Again, when I get out the camera, I'll get a pic up there!

I'm also doing a pink scarf for the Think Pink Challenge for Breast Cancer awareness in memory of my friend Ellie's Niece, Christina.

Looking forward to August when the DH and I are heading to Missouri for a week of fishing, swimming, exploring and knitting - well, I'll be knitting...ha!


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