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Friday, January 26, 2007

Another week of knitting

It has been a needle-clickin' week so far...and I'm hoping to get some more done before the weekend's over.

Last weekend, I cast on and finished two scarves - one for my Mom's birthday (Misti Alpaca Scarf (again, done with the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande)

And one for me - I call it my Oscar the Grouch scarf - it's chartreuse Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn with some Online eyelash yarn carried along - just boring garter stitch, but I love the scarf.

I also took some of the leftover Ultra Alpaca yarn from the reversible cable scarf and played with another iPod sock pattern - liked this one much better. It is tighter and more stable for protecting the iPod. I gave it to Lori so she could have one that matches her scarf. I think she was happy with it - she kept petting it. :)

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Blogger Tasha said...

I love the Oscar scarf. I even have an Oscar tee that says "Have a rotten day". Now you can think about that when you wear it.

4:31 PM  

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